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Reading Counts

Reading Counts at Mountain View
Mountain View Elementary School utilizes an independent reading program called Scholastic Reading Counts. Our students in grades 1-6 participate in this computer-based program, which motivates students to read, encourages reading for understanding, and monitors reading comprehension. 
The Reading Counts program begins with a computer-based test designed to estimate each child’s reading level. Our 2nd through 6th grade students take this test—called the Scholastic Reading Inventory—at least three times during the year, and our 1st graders usually begin taking it later in the year.
The scores are then used to help these students select books at the proper reading level during their weekly visits to our school library. Every library book that has a matching Reading Counts quiz is color-coded to indicate its difficulty level.
When a student finishes reading a book, he or she takes a Reading Counts quiz on a computer. If the student doesn’t pass the quiz, he or she is allowed two additional attempts.
Each year we offer a special reward for reaching a school-wide goal in Reading Counts. Some teachers use additional reward systems within their classrooms.
Parent support counts!
If you have a home library of children’s books, and would like to see if your child can take a quiz on a particular book, you can search for the title using Scholastic's Book Expert Online. To locate it, use a search engine like Google to search for "Reading Counts Book Expert Online." If the website shows that a quiz has been developed for the book, the quiz should be available on the computers at school.
Students with computer privileges at the Prescott Valley Public Library can use the Book Expert Online to check quiz-availability for library books as well.
Here are some other ways to help your child get and stay involved:
  •      Take a family “outing” to the public library. If your child doesn’t already have a library card, apply for one. 
  •          Set aside some time for reading.  Switch off the TV and computer, unplug the video games, and enjoy reading as a family!
  •        When your child finishes a chapter or a book, talk about it.  Ask questions about the characters or events.  Encourage reading for understanding.
  •          Remind your child to take a quiz on the book at school.
Thanks for your support!